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Closed in 1987, the history of the family business goes back nearly 100 years.  Noerr Motor Freight was founded and incorporated in 1927, by Pap Noerr - and started as F.B. Noerr and Son - a moving company.

They got a break by hauling some yarn on a random opportunity, and Noerr's grew to become nationwide by the 50's.

By the late 1980's, unions began to form, insurance regulations hit hard, and deregulation forced great changes in the freight market - forcing a shut down.  

Noerr Motor Freight started in a small town in Pennsylvania - Punxsutawney. Going back to the very start of the Noerr family, we have Frank B. and Mabel Noerr, father and mother of Floyd B., Mary, George M. and Clair B.

In this small town, the Noerr's owned a small coal mine, all the hard work in the black mountains provided for a business venture yet unknown to them.

Moving on from a vacant flour mill in 1927 with a Model T Ford until 1929, by chance the American Viscose needed to ship a yarn order immediately, instead of by rail - enter F.B. Noerr and sons!

As time lept foward, more and more loads came Noerr's way, leading to a need for more drivers and more trucks.

The rest, as they say, was history.


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