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Our Clients:

Corkin's Customs
David Maines Roofing
Don Davis Engineering
Door Kraft
Office Imagins Solutions
Pheasant Valley
Rohrer Corporation
Sunshine Connection
The Green Turtle
Trinity Plastics
Tyco Electronics
US Materials
Wingman BBQ


Norlin Warehousing has been providing services for firms in Pennsylvania since 1967. 

In 1969 Norlin built a facility in the for Maslund Carpets.  Over 30 years it was expanded for 2 various companies, and most recently used as a shovel production plant for AMES True Temper.  We have scucessfully negotiated, and are happy to announce, that Trinity Plastics, a local division of Inteplast Plastics has opted to lease that same facility for the future.  

Our second location currently houses 6 local busineses.  

-The Sunshine Connection - A local 501(c)3 program that provides daily support, guidance, therapy, and services for mentaly handicapped adults.

-The Green Turtle - Who refinishes, maintains and sells antique furniture and appliances.

-Office Imaging Solutions - A full service copier & printer company as well as professional cabinet & kitchen installer.

-Wingman BBQ - Creator of one of the greatest BBQ sauces available locally.

-Don Davis - Machinist, mechanic, and engineer extraordinaire.

-Corkin's Customs - Max Corkins restores custom cars.

We are willing to review and proposals for additional growth in the surrounding area.  Purchasing, renovating, and re-leasing commerical and industrial properties is very appealing to our ownership.

In addition we continue to provide local transportation services and trailer rentals within the state.  If you have a need for van trailer storage & delivery please reach out.

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