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Noerr Motor Freight was formed in 1927 by Pap (FB) Noerr. A small single truck with an expedited service skill set grew into a national transportation company that provided for thousands of jobs across the country over the years. Having fought against the unions & Hoffa (literally), corrupt police & DOT tactics of other states, and even the railroads (to the Supreme Court), Noerr Motor Freight was always trying to take care of their employees like family.

From a small coal mine town and family, to a vacant flour mill and a Model T, 5 generations later the family still operates under the 5th generation, and a revived Noerr Trucking firm.

By the late 1980's, insurance regulations hit hard, and deregulation forced great changes in the freight market - forcing a shut down. Today - great great grandson Scott A has revived Noerr Motor Freight under Noerr Trucking, and is solving the issues of yester-year.

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