Norlin Warehousing

Current Operations

Having recently downsized from 200,000 sqft to 60,000 sqft, our team is seeking multiple opportunities in various warehousing sectors. We currently have limited space available, which consists of minimal warehousing space and 2,000 sqft of office space ready for new occupancy.

Future Growth

Norlin is currently looking to expand in multiple service areas and locations. Currently we have 2,000 sq ft of office space available to renovate to suit. In addition, we are open to multiple client services:

  • We have the ability to build to suit for long term clients.
  • We are bringing on pick, pack and order fulfilment clients.
  • We are adding 3PL, cross docking, and expedited shipment options.
  • We work closely with multiple service companies and can help plan your distribution.

For recruiting & promotions please contact
Scott @ 717-242-0566.

Rates, clients, information and requirements available.

Our Clients